Review: Amor Bath Bombs (As Good as Lush?)

I discovered this adorable set of bath bombs in a seemingly “deceptive” way, but the product is great, so no harm, no foul. Well, in retrospect, perhaps “questionable,” or “clever” is a fairer evaluation.

While researching LUSH Cosmetic’s entire product collection (and coming to understand their brand mission and hair product line a bit more), I was directed to an Amazon’s bestseller page for a bath bomb set. With thousands of positive testimonials, I initially thought I had come across an amazing sale with the typically pricey company.

But in looking into this further, it was definitely a different company- evidently one with strong e-commerce marketing, and very well reviewed products. Amor’s collection of bath bombs delivers an amazing value and quite the bang for your buck. I couldn’t turn down the offer of 10 unique bath bombs and a free soap with purchase, and at about $2 per product, it didn’t seem like a risky investment. It seems like this product would also make a perfect gift, an ideal way to relax and unwind, and who doesn’t enjoy a fizzy, colorful treat in a warm bath?

In researching and evaluating the product to find out why it was so popular, the answer seems to be in finding a solid collection set with bath bombs comparable in quality to many brands charging 3-4 times the price.

They come in an assortment of colors and fragrances, and offer a way to try out an item you may not normally buy due to perceived indulgence or cost barriers. This set of 10 products is a best-seller and the products are undoubtedly adorable, colorful, and great for children and adults alike.

The set can be broken down and individually packaged, making them ideal stocking-stuffer type gifts or office treats! Additionally, there is a kid’s option that comes with “hidden toys” and a decorative gift box version. Some of them even have fresh flower petals hidden inside. A wholesale company solution to a product we may avoid due to luxury and use vs. expense, cool idea.

Review: Amor Bath Bombs (As Good as Lush?) 2

Here’s a closer look at Amor’s assortment of bath bombs:

Review: Amor Bath Bombs

Bath bombs have become popular products and gifts lately, their hard-packed dense blends of dry ingredients effervesce when wet. They are used to add essential oils, scents, bubbles, flowers, fizz, or color to bathing water.

The typical barrier to purchase is seeing this as a niche product that lacks affordability. Thousands of positive reviews convinced us to opt for a wholesale alternative and save money, and the results were very favorable.

This offering is the same as others that charge about $10 per product, which seems farfetched. It has the added bonus of being formulated with gentle, all-natural ingredients with no harsh chemical additives (of course, there is added color, some of which don’t exist in nature).

Review: Amor Bath Bombs (As Good as Lush?) 3

Amor Bath Bombs: Positives and Negatives


  • Purchase includes 10 unique bath bombs and a complimentary soap bar
  • All products are made with high-quality, natural ingredients and are safe for all skin types, as well as sensitive skin
  • Cruelty-free, product has never been tested on animals
  • Small, family-owned and operated company was created because the founders were seeking a solution to treat their children’s eczema naturally and in a fun, non-clinical way
  • If a customer does not like even one bath bomb and reports this to the company, they will simply be refunded for the full purchase price
  • Colors are very bright, but do not stain bathtub or fabrics
  • All products included are unique and different in scent/color
  • Scents smell great, akin to all natural oils or aromatherapy and floral, fill the bath with fragrance and color
  • Very creative and unique scents, ranging in name from “strong coffee,” to “candy cane,” to “birthday cake”
  • Children’s (with added surprise toys) and decorative gifting options available
  • Leaves skin hydrated and moisturized
  • Formulated with Shea Butter and Sunflower Seed Oil


  • No ability to select which scents you want, you are given 10 bath bombs with packaging and scent names (however, if you do not like even 1, the company claims to refund you immediately)
  • Some customers say some scents do not have enough fragrance, or alternatively, too much fragrance for personal preferences

Amor Bath Bombs: Money-Back Guarantee

If any irritation, reaction or dissatisfaction occur using this product, customers can expect a full refund of the purchase price. When making any purchasing decision (new or repeat customer), this fallback can be comforting. You may also exchange the product for one of the same value or less. The same policy for exchange applies to gifted products.

This company in particular offers a consumer a promise to refund the full purchase price if they are dissatisfied with even one product of the set, refund processed same day and immediate.

Bath Bombs
Credit: Amor

Review: Amor Bath Bombs (As Good as Lush?) 2

Amor Bath Bombs: The Final Verdict

These bath bombs offer an excellent wholesale, lower-cost option to their major competitors and have great variety, scent and color. We love the addition of a kid’s set and a gift set that comes with wrapping and associated decor. This item makes the perfect gift, to others or the self! It’s a great product that makes a somewhat niche “luxury” accessible and affordable.

Would recommend!

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