Review: Kevin Trudeau (Most Devastating Scam of the 21st century)

So I just wanted to forewarn the masses and share a very harrying experience that I recently had with the now-notorious company Global Information Network, run by notorious scam-artist Kevin Trudeau.

Back in 2010, I recall having a conversation with my friend’s father about joining GIN. He told me he had recently pursued working with this life-changing “group” (which I now know is a cult) and that he had never felt better and had a more positive life outlook.

At the time, blinded by youth and naïveté, I was very intrigued to learn about this potentially life-altering process. I admired him since he was a fairly wise and successful businessman, as well as a very transparent and trustworthy person.

He had a large family and his own business in security installation that was profitable even during the recessions.

Global Information Network, Ltd. or GIN, launches in 1986, as an independent, New York-based domestic non-profit news organization, with an office in New York City, that disseminates news from in-field reporters based in Africa. It supplies news, analysis, and features to over 300 ethnic and minority newsweeklies nationwide.

Its accounts have appeared in print, broadcast, and web media in the U.S. Some of you may be familiar with Kevin Trudeau, he sold millions of books on TV such as “The Secret Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About,” and then founded the Global Information Network. He “pretends” to have taken his knowledge from secret societies among the elite class and subsequently denounces this corruption.

Back in 2010, GIN was running a promotional offer, the “Summer Sales Bonanza.” It basically stated that you would put $1,000.00 down, and that if you paid $150.00 membership fee for 24 months, you would be rewarded with a $10,000.00 bonus check in August of 2012. I was advised that this would be a “great and easy” investment by my friend’s father.

I trusted in his intellect and advice. I figured I would be let in on government secrets, experience life improvements, and make an easy $4,600. I even went on a cruise for a very discounted rate to the Bahamas that was sponsored by Kevin Trudeau. The people that are in the cult worship and idealize him, as well as other founders of GIN, and follow them around with nothing short of adoration in mind- when he’s a scam artist in actuality.

Not only is this a cult but it is also a pyramid scheme.

What is a pyramid scheme? You get someone to sign up underneath you, and you get a chunk of whatever they are paying for their monthly membership fee- if you pay more money you potentially move up in levels and gain more insider information.

So the man I initially trusted in was simply using me to make money, of course until I canceled my membership.

I kept it until August of 2012 which was when I was supposed to receive my $10,000 check. When I did not receive my check I contacted customer service at GIN. I was told I would not be given the money I was supposed to because I missed a payment- they tried telling me that one of the months I didn’t pay their membership fee.

This was false, unequivocally so, I had my bank write them a letter and email it to them stating that along with proof that their fee was paid for every month. They promised the payment via email again.

But I knew from research and reviewing online that many other people were out of money due to the same promotional offer and scheme.

After a few months of arguing back and forth with them, I finally got them to send me a check. It was for $1,000.00. Then came more time, effort, and energy, calling their customer service line daily to complain. They told me I had to keep my membership active or else they would not keep sending me checks.

So I kept the membership and they sent 4 more checks for $1,000 a month. And then customer service stopped communicating with me. As you can imagine, I was extremely frustrated. I lost trust in the initial man who has referred me, and frustrations became financial as well as interpersonal.

After the situation devolved, in retrospect I felt idiotic, because if you google GIN or Kevin Trudeau the word scam lights up like wildfire. I found this excerpt online and it explains further background about the downfall of GIN, which is no longer in operation.

World Information Network is still active, but I suspect it is just as bad.

“Here’s the main problem that led to the downfall of the Global Information Network. There are 3 types of followers: those who want what you have, those who believe what you believe and those who want to be who you are. Kevin Trudeau was followed by 90% who wanted what he had, 9% who believed in what he believed and 1% who wanted to be who he is. When the legal troubles came in, nobody took action except Perry Kiraly who took action to defend the club, and as a second recourse built the World Information Network based on the original vision GIN was created upon. Nobody else applied the training of leadership when it mattered most and took action. Few cared about the vision as they were just in it for their own financial gains.” Source: 

And they have the audacity to keep sending me emails to this day! I was confused and perplexed by the downfall, and reached out to the attorney general, who told me that there was nothing they could do about my situation.

Long story short, do not trust Kevin Trudeau or any organization that he is involved in which right- now is WIN (World Information Network).

He is only trying to play mind games in order to benefit himself and make money off gullible people. He also has apparently been imprisoned. 

Good riddance. 

Kevin Trudeau
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Horrible experience with the Global Information Network

Customer Service helpfulness

This company is the worst pyramid scam I have ever seen.

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