Top 4 Things to Look for when Purchasing Wireless Earbuds

The age of truly wireless headphones has arrived in the form of convenient little earbuds. These simple-looking bits of gear fit into your ear, connect to your music player – often your phone – via Bluetooth, and deliver the music that you want to listen to. Users no longer have to concern themselves with accidentally yanking their earphones out or them somehow self-tangling in the bottom of their bag.

However, this revolutionary tech comes at a price, and quite a hefty one in many cases. So, this guide is to help you identify the elements of wireless earbuds that you need to look for if you wish to buy this tech.

Strong Bluetooth connection

Samsung Gear Earphones
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When it comes to wireless earbuds, you need to ensure that the Bluetooth connection is sound and strong. If your earbuds have a weak Bluetooth connection, you’ll be faced with the input cutting out regularly or needing to reconnect, which no one wants to do while exercising. Created for optimum use with the Samsung Galaxy, the Samsung Gear IconX earbuds boast a strong Bluetooth connection that very rarely dips. But, it should be noted that all of these connections are still only Bluetooth connections, meaning that some ccutoutsare bound to happen.

Noise isolation

Jaber Earphones
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One issue with some brands of wireless earbuds is that they’re not very good at noise isolation – meaning that you can still hear everything that’s going on around you. When you’ve got your music in, whether you’re commuting on the train or smashing it at the gym, you want your earbuds to help you zone out of your surroundings. headphones on the market for this, offering excellent noise cancelation from their snug, ear-padded design, as well as delivering high-quality sound and adjustable ambient noise if needed.

Long battery life

Apple Airpods Review
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The chances are that, whenever you want to use your wireless earbuds, it’ll be for a prolonged period of time, especially if you’re a fitness enthusiast going on long runs. But, even if they’re not for exercise or long trips, you still don’t want to have to recharge your wireless earbuds after every use. While they look a bit peculiar, the Apple AirPods grant huge battery life of 24 hours via the complimentary carry case, which could very well see you go through the whole week without needing to recharge the carry case and wireless earbuds. The Apple AirPods are very strong in all areas of need for wireless earbuds, leading to them being among the most popular on the market.

A good fit and firm hold

Boss Soundport Earphones
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One of the worries for people looking to buy and use wireless earbuds, particularly those who wish to use them when exercising, is that the earbuds will fall out and end up on the ground or possibly even lost without the safety string of a wire attaching them to a device. So, the Bose Soundport Free created its high-end wireless earbuds not only to be a very comfortable fit but also secure with an extra extension from the bud for a snug hold. On top of this, the sound produced by these wireless earbuds is said to be second to none.

While these products have been singled out for their ability to deliver in each key aspect of wireless earbuds, they all put in a strong showing across four of the most desirable facets of this piece of tech.

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