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5 Browser Games You Need To Be Playing 1

5 Browser Games You Need To Be Playing

In the age of mobile apps and console downloads, it can be easy to forget that some of the best simple video games exist online. And we’re not talking about Steam downloads that essentially amount to console- (or at least PC-) quality games. Rather we’re talking about good old-fashioned browser games, from point-and-click shooters to text adventures to casino simulations. Sometimes it’s just nice to play something simpler, cheaper, and more accessible, and there’s a lot of great stuff out there.

Truthfully, we could turn this into a list 50 items long. But for now we’ll just focus on five browser games you might really enjoy if you give them a chance.

1. Game Of Bombs

game of bombs

The only MMO on our list, Game Of Bombs is characterized by Kongregate specifically as a massive multiplayer online retro arcade. Built on the old Bomberman game concepts and featuring a range of general retro characters from C-3PO to Wolverine, it’s a spectacular game that basically challenges you to navigate a grid against other players busting your way through walls and avoiding being blown up (or falling into a bottomless hole). It’s the kind of game that can take you back, even if not to any one game in particular, ant it may just occupy you for hours.

2. Kingdom Rush

kingdom rush

Kingdom Rush is basically a classic tower defense game, but it’s a refreshingly simple one as well. This is a genre that exploded years ago online and has since been taken over by mobile developers. And often, more modern tower defense games are a little too deeply involved to be much fun. That is to say there are just so many adjustments to make the whole game can end up feeling cluttered and confusing. That’s not the case with Kingdom Rush. It uses a standard medieval theme and small characters to present a clear picture and an engaging tower defense experience of satisfying length. Your job is to use knights, wizards and such to build towers and protect the road against a slew of medieval monsters.

3. Gonzo’s Quest

gonzo quest

A game like Gonzo’s Quest was bound to happen eventually. Online slots have steadily been upping their sophistication, and this is the game that’s finally broken through to transcend “online casinos.” It’s become a popular mobile game as well, and is supposedly on its way to VR. Online though, it’s still about as enjoyable a slot gaming experience as you can find. The Irish gaming platform Slotsource describes it as being as much a storybook adventure as an innovative prize machine, which gives you some idea of its style. Basically, even while you spin slot reels, you start to feel like an ancient explorer working your way through a treasure-filled “New World.”

4. Six Bullets

6 bullets browser game

This is a game that really epitomizes how a very simple browser game can be a blast. An Addicting Games original, it sets you up as a small cowboy on a limited screen, with only six bullets. Your job is to move around the screen and shoot at enemy cowboys for as long as you can before being hit. The catch is that you get an extra bullet back for each enemy you take down. So really, from the beginning, it’s a survival game. Graphics, audio, and gameplay are all delightfully simple, and odds are you’ll quickly find yourself getting competitive about it.

5. A Dark Room

dark room game

We mentioned text adventures up above, so we might as well point out what may well be the best one on the internet. Using text commands and menu selections your job is basically to survive and build up a community in the face of resource shortages, animal attacks, and other dangers. Presentation-wise it’s about the simplest game you could imagine, but it will surprise you with its depth and difficulty alike. None other than the New Yorker actually wrote about the game back in 2014, calling it the best-selling game that no one can explain. That’s not a bad way to think of it, even now: it’s a viral hit that you just can’t quite grasp fully until you give it a shot.

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