Review: Leatherman Tread (The Multi-Tool You Need ASAP)

Multi-tools are good to have on hand for just about any situation. When you’re at a birthday party they give you a convenient way to unwrap presents and to cut all those plastic ties that toys are locked in place with. When out on a bike ride they give you what you need to make minor adjustments to your brakes and other bike components.

And they’re just good to have around. That’s why many people have taken to carrying one around with them everywhere they go. These tools get pulled out in the least expected times, but there are occasions when you forget to bring along your multi-tool and you really miss it.

The Leatherman Tread Bracelet is the tool for all those situations. It’s a wristband packed with useful tools, and you’ll always have it on hand. It’s surprisingly useful, it’s tough and it’s something you’ll want to add to your Birthday list.

Read on to learn everything that it has to offer and why it’s a tool you just might want to consider.

Review: Leatherman Tread (The Multi-Tool You Need ASAP) 2

Review: Leatherman Tread (The Multi-Tool You Need ASAP) 3

Stylish Accessory

Unlike other ugly multi-tools, this accessory is attractive and looks nice even when it isn’t in use. You can wear it with pride and will not have to worry about hiding it in a bag or pocket when not in use. That’s very convenient for people that don’t want to store their tools, and it ensures that you always have a capable set of tools ready for use. Simply pull it off your wrist and you’re ready to go for whatever the situation is.

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A Surprising Number of Tools

This simple wristband comes with 29 different tools built into it making it a very versatile product. It comes with an effective little cutting tool that will make it quick and easy to open up packaging anywhere that you are. It features a socket driver, an oxygen wrench, a few hex wrenches, a Philips and flat head screwdriver, a bottle opener and much more. You won’t have tools for every single situation that you encounter, but with this wristband on you’ll be equipped to handle a pretty good range of situations that you otherwise wouldn’t be ready for. It’s nice to have around and will make you feel much more prepared for whatever life wants to throw at you.

Attaches to a Watch as a Band

It’s entirely possible to attach the Leatherman Tread bracelet to a watch with the appropriate accessories. This allows you to upgrade your existing watch with added functionality. It’s important to realize that you will likely have to remove some of the functions of the tool in order to create a band that fits your wrist well. Just choose accessories that you don’t use much when going through this process.

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Adjustable for a Good Fit

Since this tool has to slip over your wrist it’s important that it fits properly. Fortunately, it’s designed for a nice snug fit and is highly adjustable to help you get just the right fit that you’re looking for. That means it can be used in most situations safely and it’s pretty comfortable to wear over the long term.

Durable Build

There are plenty of multi-tool accessories on the market much more affordable than this product from Leatherman, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the cost. Unlike those tools, this one is highly durable and built to last. It’s made from tough stainless steel, won’t corrode over time and will hold up to hard use capably. The tool is designed to function as a tool and can be used daily without issues.

Easy Use Tools

This wristband tool features a built in quick-release clasp that makes the tools quick and easy to access. Simply disengage the clasp, open up the tool that you want to use and get to work. When finished you can slip the wristband back over your wrist and engage the clasp once again. It’s that quick and easy, and very convenient.

Review: Leatherman Tread (The Multi-Tool You Need ASAP) 6

Modular Design

It’s possible to remove any of the links that you don’t want, making this wrist tool customizable. It’s possible to remove all the tools that you don’t use while achieving just the right fit for your wrist. You’ll be able to keep all the most important tools close at hand, which is a very nice benefit of this[easyazon_link identifier=”B018IOXXP8″ locale=”US” tag=”reviewing-20″]Leatherman – Tread Bracelet[/easyazon_link]. The links are all held on using standard screws, making them easy to take off and put back on any way that you like.

Review: Leatherman Tread (The Multi-Tool You Need ASAP) 2

TSA Approved

It’s rare to find a multi-tool that’s approved for use on an airplane, but this is one of them. Even with all the little tools and the cutting device, this multi-tool wristband can go everywhere with you, including on flights around the world. You can use it to open up your bottles during your flight and to show off to the other people sitting around you.

This multi-tool wristband will help you stay prepared in more situations and you’ll forget that you even have it with you until you finally need it. It doesn’t have as many tools as a standard multi-tool does, but it manages to put them into a form-factor that you can bring with you everywhere, which isn’t something that you can say for the standard multi-tools for sale today. Use it as a standalone accessory or add it to a watch using one of the attachment kits sold online and you’ll be ready for whatever life wants to throw at you.


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