How Special Guest is Changing Live Entertainment

There is a lot that goes into planning a party or event.  Between hiring the right caterer to make sure all of your guests are having a good time, there are tons of tiny details that go into hosting the perfect event.  Hiring live entertainment can really enhance your event and add an element of fun, and thanks to the Special Guest app, doing so has never been easier!

Special Guest is an entertainment booking app that functions as a mutually beneficial platform for both talent and the people looking to hire them.  The app, founded by actor and comedian Damon Wayans Jr. and entrepreneur and bestselling author Kris Jones, allows talented musicians, comedians, magicians, and even celebrity impersonators to get paid for doing what they love- perform!  After signing up for a free Special Guest profile, performers can upload photos and videos of past performances and add additional information about themselves. The app allows talent to set their own price, and all payment is done through the app in a way that’s seamlessly easy for both parties.

Before apps like Special Guest, the only way for an artist to get booked for gigs was to hire a talent agent.  This wasn’t always possible for smaller, unknown artists, as agents typically take a certain percentage of talent earnings.  Special Guest eliminates the need for artists to hire a talent agent, allowing them to manage their own careers. The app lets artists set their own schedules and essentially be their own bosses, something that once wasn’t possible for smaller up-and-coming artists.  Another great thing about the app is that artists are able to find gigs close to them, rather than having to travel to the nearest city to perform. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, or a kid’s birthday party, artists have a better chance at getting booked for gigs using Special Guest than attempting to go it alone.

Aside from the Special Guest app being a great platform for artists to find work and get paid for it, the app is also a helpful resource for people looking to hire talent to perform at various parties and events.  Without an app like Special Guest, booking entertainment was primarily done by word-of-mouth referrals, and you wouldn’t really know what you were getting until the day of the performance. Special Guest lets users vet the talent they are interested in hiring before going ahead and booking them, to ensure they’re choosing the right performer for their event.  Say you’re looking to book a character performer for your child’s birthday party. The Special Guest app gives you the option to check out performers that match that description and find one that meets your criteria. It has never been easier to plan a fun-filled event thanks to Special Guest!

The Special Guest app is currently available in the Apple App Store, as well as a desktop version.  The next time you find yourself in charge of planning a party or event, impress your guests by using Special Guest to book quality entertainment!

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