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How to Save Money On These Everyday Items

How to Save Money On These Everyday Items

Saving money has always been a positive prospect but, recently, the desire to cut back on costs seems to have risen. Part of this is due to economic difficulties; many of us are feeling the squeeze thanks to a volatile market and changes to employment and so we’re looking to save money on the things that already take up a huge amount of our budgets.

TV shows like Extreme Couponing have also encouraged us to embrace our thrifty sides, with many taking it upon themselves to go through issues upon issues of catalogs just to put some pennies away. You needn’t go quite that far but here are some ideas to save money on everyday items

Cleaning Products

As anyone with a family can attest, it seems that, no matter how much you clean, your house always ends up containing grime, muck and miscellaneous dirt. This is especially the case if you have young children; it really is miraculous how grubby the little ones can get! As such, you probably find yourself buying cleaning products a lot just to get those fingerprints off of smooth surfaces and to get the boogers from under the table.

A quick and easy way to save money on cleaning products is to just make your own or repurpose other household items, as a two-in-one alternative. Some DIY alternatives include using coffee grounds instead of baking soda to freshen smells, using dish soap to remove stains instead of dedicated stain remover, and you can even use ketchup to polish brass!

Online Games

Even if you don’t consider yourself as a hardcore gamer, there’s a strong chance that you play video games every day just to amuse yourself. Maybe that’s a few rounds of Candy Crush Saga on the way to work or Word Cookies when you want to engage your brain. You may have even spent a few bucks on power-ups and other redeemable, in-game items.

Our advice isn’t to cut down on these purchases but instead to consider that you can get offers for these games. Plenty of games include free trials (e.g timed game demos) that help you figure out if a game is really worth the price. There are also plenty of quality free-to-play alternatives. If online gambling and slots are your game of choice, then there are welcome bonuses that don’t require a deposit or entitle you to free spins, saving you money that you would otherwise spend. Click here to read more…


As a wise person once said, you should never buy pizza without a coupon. While that may seem a little too price-conscious, when you consider how many pizza deals there are, that mantra starts to make a whole lot of sense. Because there is so much choice of pizza parlors, pizza delivery companies and retailers that sell frozen pizza, these pizza pioneers all need to find a way to win you over, hence all of the deals and discounts.

That guide linked above has a few prime examples of pizza coupons. Some of the deals include tasty extras such as breadsticks and cinnamon sticks, though some also include additional toppings.

So, there you have it. Saving money on things you already pay for doesn’t need you to be a thrifty, coupon-cutting wizard; it just takes a little bit of know-how and the top tips we’ve outlined above.

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