Review: Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR (The beginner’s dream)

Sometimes I like to take pictures. Sometimes I like those pictures to look really pretty. A while back I was getting very frustrated at my old digital camera. There were many occasions where I just could not get the picture I wanted. I’m sure this says much about my skills as a photographer, but I’m not a professional. It’s a hobby I picked up from my father who was a much better man than I at finding good pictures, but I’ve always tried to carry on that tradition.

Here is where the Canon Rebel series came in, while you may not find it on the recommended list by Globo Surf, I personally liked the specs. I had just gotten a decent paycheck as a bonus from an old employer and I wanted to reward myself for my hard work with a decent piece of photography gear. Probably should have fixed my car up instead, but I am pretty spontaneous about these things. I turned to the google search and poured through forums of people talking about things I really didn’t have a clue on. But, a consistent trend was the praise of this series of camera as a great gateway for beginners into professional photography.

Before we begin, make sure you’re ordering Canon EOS Rebel from a legitimate retailer, NOT from a counterfeit seller. For your convenience, here is the Amazon link to an authentic Canon EOS Rebel retailer.

After a bit of debate, and maybe some wine, I dropped $300 dollars on a brand-new Canon T6.


The Camera

The Canon T6 arrived in great shape and with a nice haste, as I’ve come to expect from my delivery man. Bless him. He’s a saint. I’m always out there like a dog when his owner comes home. But, the camera was looking good. Upon taking it out of the box I noticed that it felt extremely sturdy. Which isn’t strange for higher end cameras, but I had never personally owned one like this and I took a few moments to enjoy the weight of it in my hands. Really, it feels nice.

The LCD screen on the back is of a good quality as well. It’s one of the reasons I grabbed the T6 over the T5. They’re basically the same camera but the screen on the back of the T6 is apparently quite a bit easier to see. I stare at my computer or cellphone for most of the day so my eyes aren’t what they should be. Plus, I like being able to share the pictures with those around me easily without having to take them off the SD card and a better screen helps with that.

Besides that it has wifi sharing, so it automatically uploads stuff to my computer when I get in range. This is nice, but I actually turned that off because I tend to take A LOT of pictures and it was becoming a bit of an ordeal to get them off my computer. Still, it’s a cool feature and I’m not complaining.

I found the battery life to be a bit low, but that’s just me not charging it enough. It’s enough for a day trip of shooting pics, but if you’re going to take a lot of video you may want to bring a spare battery. I would definitely charge overnight, I haven’t been able to make it last two days in a row for my uses.

It also features interchangeable lenses, and though it only comes with the one, I had no trouble swapping out some of my father’s old lenses onto it. I’d never used a 50mm lens on a digital until now. It’s awesome.

As for the specs, we’re looking at 18 megapixels with a very high speed processor, so the picture is basically instant. This allows for a lot of rapid fire picture taking including as low as 3fps slow-mo, which is something I never knew I wanted until I had it. It almost feels like a film camera with how fast I was able to take pictures. Nice, right?

Review: Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR (The beginner's dream) 2

Picture Quality

Well, this was a real treat for me. It was a huge step up from my old camera. There’s a ton of settings to play around with, and I haven’t really ran into an issue with getting a picture I wanted. At least not as many as I used to. Motion shots were something I always had trouble with, not anymore.

Extreme closeups of insects and flowers, even from a decent distance, are completely possible with this camera. It features both a physical and digital zoom. That physical zoom is a big deal for getting in close, as you’re not losing any image quality. While the digital zoom helps give you just a little bit more of a boost than would normally be possible. I’m a big fan of this, it feels nice to get that zoom just right.

Besides that awesome quality of the images I was getting I found out that the 1080p video camera with it was a lot more useful than I thought it’d be. I’ve been taking videos for a friend’s band now, just because I have something better than a cellphone to use on it. I may think about investing in an external mic for it, because I’ve been having a lot of fun with the video features.


I’ve found this camera to be everything I wanted and more. It has definitely improved my apparent photography skills, which has gotten me to practice more, which in turn has improved my actual photography skills. Funny how having the proper equipment for a hobby helps.

My pictures are better than ever. For me, as an extremely amateur photographer, the price was well worth it for the value it has given me. If you’re unsure about shelling out $450 for a camera, I understand, but I don’t believe you’ll find a better one for the price unless you’re going used.

The Canon T6, ladies and gentlemen, go get you one if you’re interested in upping that photography game.


Canon Rebel T6

Build Quality
Picture Quality
Video Quality

Highly recommended for anyone trying to step up their photography game.

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