Keep Intruders at Bay with the BIBENE Door Alarm

Know the comings and goings of your home when you choose an alarm that is going to make you notice everything happening in your home. Not only is it loud but it is also simple. This simple alarm can prove to be one of the most beneficial pieces that you have in your home. This is not something that many think about but I have found many benefits and also can give you a rundown of what to expect when you use it.

The best part is that if you have multiple entrance ways, want the windows to be secure and anything else then this is where you can find the most affordable and loudest system that is going to scare them away and also make sure that you keep everyone inside the home alerted to what is happening.

In the world we live in today, it is never too late to be safe and make sure you’re protected against anything and everything that might happen. You want to always be able to know when someone is coming or going and even if you’re just trying to make sure your teens don’t slip out at night or that your toddlers stay inside the home, this can prove to be a useful tool.

Keep Intruders at Bay with the BIBENE Door Alarm 2

Keep Intruders at Bay with the BIBENE Door Alarm 3

What’s in the Package

The package contains everything you need to add the keypad and a sensor to the doors around your home. Of course, if you get the full pack then there are going to be many other items. There is also a control unit that you can purchase for the set that controls all of the locks from inside the home when you ask it too. This is a great addition to the sensors that are also located on the sides of the doors.

One of the best things about the BIBENE Door Alarm was that it provides the user with peace of mind. However, another benefit is that it is extremely easy to set up. You do not have to worry about wires or other extras that usually come with expensive, high-end security systems. You can have the high end without the expensive and the hard to hook up with this system. If you’re looking to benefit, this is where you’re going to want to benefit.

Keep Intruders at Bay with the BIBENE Door Alarm 4

Setting it Up

When the time comes to set the system up then you want to make sure that everything is completely hooked up. This means adding the strips of double-sided tape to the necessary parts and then connecting the keypad to the main door of the home. This will provide easy access and allows you to control the alarm without having to worry about going to another room to shut it off.

One thing I forgot to mention about this alarm is that it does come with a remote! I found this especially useful when I set the alarm and then left. Then when I got back home, I could turn the alarm off before I got into the door. This saved us a lot of headache because when the alarm goes off, my dogs also go off. Things can get quite loud!

My husband found a YouTube video that showed us how to set everything up since the alarm did not come with instructions so it got a little confusing. I am sure that some of the bigger sets might come with the right instructions though, so it is definitely something that you want to consider when it comes to setting up yours. Check out the YouTube channel!

Once it was all set up, we made sure to set it and then wait for the kids to get home. It definitely worked and they definitely didn’t know what hit them.

Keep Intruders at Bay with the BIBENE Door Alarm 5

Keep Intruders at Bay with the BIBENE Door Alarm 3

Why You Should Purchase This Alarm

There are so many reasons why you should purchase this alarm. Not only is it peace of mind but it is also a great investment since even the larger sets do not cost that much money to use. When you want to purchase a system you can pair these with a camera system and you’re set to go. No one is going to come in and bother your home. You will find that it is locked up tight and if you’re like my house, then you probably also have a couple of huge dogs manning the fort, as well.

This is an alarm set that I would recommend to everyone and anyone that wants to have an alarm but doesn’t want to call and hook up a service. The person coming into your home uninvited will not want to step into the home further once they hear that alarm going off. It is going to keep them away for some time. Make sure you show them to think again because you are protecting your own and they shouldn’t be there.

BIBENE Door Alarm Eases Your Fears

Ease of Use

Never worry about an intruder coming into your home, a teenager sneaking out or a toddler opening the doors with this alarm that alerts you right away.

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