Review: Elixir Glassware Fine Crystal Wine Glasses (For Fancy Affairs)

You’ve always wanted to add that fine crystal to your kitchen set, haven’t you? Now is your chance to have those high-quality wine glasses exactly where you need them. Not only does it provide a way for you to show off your kitchen, but you can treat guests to a glass of wine using only the finest in glasses to do so.

I tried them out and here are some of the things that I found with them – of course, I was pleasantly surprised at the awesome quality and results that came with using these awesome glasses.

Review: Elixir Glassware Fine Crystal Wine Glasses (For Fancy Affairs) 2

Review: Elixir Glassware Fine Crystal Wine Glasses (For Fancy Affairs) 3

The Quality of the Crystal

The quality of the crystal that comes with these wine glasses are of the highest. Not only do they have a pretty appeal with the opal-like look that comes with them, but you can tell that they’re made from crystal and not just regular glass. This was an upscale selling point that I loved about them. I wanted something that looking quality and that really made serving wine special.

Additionally, the quality of the glasses was awesome. Since they’re crystal, you might feel that they’re going to break in your hands as soon as you hold one. I know that I break a lot of things so it made me nervous. However, they actually are quite durable. They will not break just by handling them, as they shouldn’t.

The quality of these Wine Glasses is really some of the best that I have ever seen with wine glasses, which puts them at the top of my list when it comes to choosing something that is actually going to work and also look nice. You don’t want to serve wine to people through a glass that is not the best looking.

These are the glasses made for a royal kitchen!

Review: Elixir Glassware Fine Crystal Wine Glasses (For Fancy Affairs) 4

The Feel and Look

Knowing how you drink your wine in them is another story. When you hold them, they have a delicate appeal that is great. Not only can you enjoy sipping wine from these, but it is not going to hold you down, either. You can take each sip in confidence.

The beautiful look of them is mostly the reason why people choose to go with them. Not only do they have a quality look and feel, but they’re pretty. Even if you’re just going to let them sit around on the table, cupboard or hang from a wine rack, they have that look and feel that you want from a quality set. You can make sure to get everything you want from this set that has the beauty of wine written all over them.

Quality, beauty and of course, a way to drink wine in high class and style. This is how wine should be drank everyday. With the help of these quality wine glasses, you can be sure that that dream becomes a reality for you. Sit on your couch, at your table, in the bath, wherever you want to enjoy wine and make the most of it.

Inviting My Guests Over

I loved the glasses, so I figured I would check out to see how other people loved the glasses, as well. I served up some wine to those that came to visit and we talked and everyone noticed that they were new and remarked at how beautiful they were.

This has never happened to me before with my other wine glass set, so I was pretty impressed with how much notice these glasses got compared to the other ones. Though, in my defense, those old glasses were just quickly purchased for a low price from a department store without a care in the world. I just wanted to have some sort of wine glasses in my house.

These were a special product that I took the time to look through reviews, as well as find out from others what glasses they use in their homes and that they liked. I was pretty happy with the purchase overall, especially since everyone noticed them and everyone asked where I got them from.

Review: Elixir Glassware Fine Crystal Wine Glasses (For Fancy Affairs) 5

Review: Elixir Glassware Fine Crystal Wine Glasses (For Fancy Affairs) 3

My Overall Verdict

The Elixir Glassware Fine Crystal Wine Glasses surprised me by being one of the things in my kitchen that I love the most. Not only do I love drinking from them but I love looking at them when it comes to walking into my kitchen and seeing them hanging right under the wine that I have stored above them.

They provide me with a great way to enjoy my wine, a high-class way to serve my guests that come to visit and an appeal that you would only get from such a quality product. If you do not have wine glasses or if you’re looking to replace that older pair, then I strongly recommend checking out this set, since it has everything you want in wine glasses all rolled into one beautiful set.

Elixir Crystal Wine Glasses


Do you want to sip wine in a tasteful way? Want something high quality and fancy to do so from? Check out these wine glasses. They have the perfect appeal.

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