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Review: Addy Focus VS NeuroFuse (Which pill is the best?)

Review: Addy Focus VS NeuroFuse (Which pill is the best?) 1

Today we have two brain supplements that have been picking up a great bit of publicity around the world, Cogni Lift and NeuroFuse. As some of you may know, I wrote a review of Cogni Lift a few weeks back, in which I praised the supplement for it's fantastic results. I also covered a review on a supplement called Optimind a week back or so, in which I explain what a scam the company and product are.

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Review: Addys Focus (Warning: Do Not Buy Unless You Want To Lose Money)

Addys Focus 2

The short answer - I loved it. Here is the long answer: From the moment that I took the pill, I felt it kick in within 30 minutes. It was a very strange feeling, but in a good way. I literally felt I had tunnel vision, once again in a good way. I showed up to work just as the pill kicked in, so I got straight to work, and did I work. For the next 3 hours, I couldn't take my eyes off my work. When they said that it will improve concentration, they weren't kidding, I haven't had such concentration since I last took Aderall back in college.

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