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Review: OKCupid (The Ultimate Survival Guide)

OKCupid Main Feature Logo

Following the end of a very long term relationship this past December, I took some time off from dating and certainly did not entertain the concept for quite some time, but recently I’ve gotten into the online dating process, a very unfamiliar one peppered with lots of murk and confusion, …

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Trace Your Lineage With DNA Testing


Searching back through family history and records to find out where one came from is an intriguing pastime which many people decide to indulge in. It can, however, also be quite difficult to find the information you need. A lot of the time, those who attempt to trawl through their …

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Review: My Experiences Using AirBnB (Better Than Hotels?)

Airbnb Eco Cottage

Prior to this past calendar year, I was aware of AirBnB, presumably like the rest of the globe, but had never considered it in terms of either short-term stay or long-term rental. I started seeing frequent ads for AirBnB, including a rental treehouse apartment (yes, an actual treehouse, with a …

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Review: Ban.do (Supporting Female Artists By Shopping?)

ban.do planners

Over the past several years I noticed colleagues and friends with planners and calendar books of similar colors, styles, patterns, and bearing similar catch phrases (i.e. “I am very busy”). But it didn’t seem like they were coming from the local Barnes and Noble. Although I typically used digital means …

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Review: StyleSeat App (Groupon for Beauty Services?)

Review: StyleSeat App (Groupon for Beauty Services?) 1

Recently a friend and colleague recommended an app offering limitless available savings for beauty services, provided by vendors in the user’s zip code, and instant (often same-day) scheduling ability. The app is geared specifically for savings on cosmetic treatments, hair cuts and coloring, nail art, manicures, and even barber shop …

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