Review: Blender Bottle (For a Shaking Good Time!)

By now, it seems that everyone has heard of the Blender Bottle. This is because it has graced the nation and so many people are raving about not only how cool it is but also just how great it is to bring your drink around. You do not have to worry about not being able to blend up that smoothly or mix in that protein powder when you’re at the gym. This bottle has you covered. You can fill it up and hit the road.

If you want something that is going to provide nutrients and doubles as a bottle for just about anything then this is going to be the bottle that you use. Make sure to check out some of the other awesome things about this bottle that you might not be able to get from some of the others out there.

Including the knockoffs that you want to try to stay away from if at all possible.

Review: Blender Bottle (For a Shaking Good Time!) 2

Review: Blender Bottle (For a Shaking Good Time!) 3

Review: Blender Bottle

The Blender Bottle comes with pretty cool specs because you can choose a bigger bottle or a smaller bottle and be able to get the benefits that you want out of a bottle that has enough space for all of the drinks you’re putting together. Of course, if you’re like me then you’re going to go with the big bottle because that’s just how we roll and we are thirsty people.

The bottle is easy to clean so you never have to worry about built up residue or anything of that sort sticking to the sides or the inside of the top or anything else. Many of the water bottles that I have owned in the past sometimes have this problem when they’re cleaned. You want to make sure that you’re not leaving this stuff behind since it can become sticky and nasty.

The bottle has a wider opening at the top so that you can easily drink with ease or chug, whichever you prefer. I do love that the top of the bottle goes over the wide opening and then snaps into place. This allows you to shake, shake, shake without having to worry about the drink inside coming out or leaking everywhere. This was a common problem with some of the other bottles that I had. I didn’t like the mess they made. This one makes no messes, which saves time, which saves me a hassle.

The bottle also comes with a little metal ball that is placed inside the bottle. You add your powder, your milk, your water, your whatever and then blend, blend, blend. This is one of the best things to do since you want to make sure that you’re blending well and being able to drink up. The metal ball does all of the blending for you, so your muscle power isn’t doing all of the work.

Review: Blender Bottle (For a Shaking Good Time!) 4

Blender Bottle: Benefits and Use

I am able to grab my protein drink and head out to the gym. If I want to add my C4 to the water and head out, I can shake this up in the same bottle. The bottle allows you to shake just about everything up in it or leave the metal ball out and just grab some water. It is there for you to drink whatever you want, whenever you want.

Working out and being able to use the right products has never been so easy. With the use of this wonderful invention, you now have the power to create any type of drink for on the go. This is a big consideration for all of us that love the gym and working out but hate bringing our cups with us! You can have the power to bring this bad boy wherever with whatever you want in it.

Review: Blender Bottle (For a Shaking Good Time!) 5

Review: Blender Bottle (For a Shaking Good Time!) 3

Blender Bottle: Worth It Winner?

You will want to purchase one today because you’re not going to regret it when the time comes to use it. You will find that it provides you with many of the benefits that you’re unable to find in any other bottle out there. A water bottle is not the same so do not think it is.

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Even my kids are impressed by it and want to make sure that they use it to their advantage. If you’re into the workout grind then this is a bottle you can live by and make sure to get the most of.

Whip up just about anything in it, it is worth it and it can be just as delicious in the end. You will see for yourself, if you don’t already own one, how great this Blender Bottle is. You will get the most from what they provide and due to this, you will be on top of your work out grind each and every time.


The Blender Bottle Does the Blending For You

Ease of Use

If you're looking for an all in one bottle for your health and workout needs, as well as your hydrating ones then this is the bottle you want.

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