Best CBD Gummies for 2020?

CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant and is believed to hold many impressive medical properties. More research is really needed before we can say for sure just how effective CBD is, but things do look promising. And this popularity has caused manufacturers to take a more creative and varied approach to how CBD products are created which brings us to gummies.

CBD gummies might sound a little strange at first but when you think about it they are very clever not to mention a tasty delivery method for CBD. In some ways, they are similar to children’s vitamin pills although these are aimed at a more adult audience.

CBD gummies also have the benefit of offering much greater clarity when it comes to their ingredients. Finding out what is actually in CBD oils and tinctures is very difficult but with gummies, you can just read the bottle/ packaging to find out about any additional ingredients.

This might seem like a small thing, but this level of transparency is greatly appreciated when it comes to the still-emerging CBD market. But if you want to try CBD gummies which ones should you look out for? With so many manufacturers offering CBD products knowing which to buy can be difficult.

This is confounded by the issues of quality and legality when it comes to CBD products including gummies. CBD products are legal in many countries as long as they are properly manufactured from the hemp plant and have sufficiently low levels of THC.

The issue is some manufacturers online will be selling CBD gummies that have not been properly sourced and therefore could contain higher levels of THC. So, to help ensure the gummies you get are always safe and legal we have collected three of the best to try.

CBDfx Gummies 

When it comes to buying CBD gummies you want to ensure you are buying from a trusted manufacturer with a reputation for high-quality. CBDfx is one such supplier you can rely on for this and they have built up an impressive name for themselves within the CBD community.

They offer a wide variety of different flavors including traditional favorites like mixed berries, lemon, and agave berry. Many of the gummies also feature extra superfood ingredients like turmeric for even more nutrients.

With their great flavors, these CBD gummies make a great choice for people looking to try CBD for the first time. But even if you have tried gummies before these could be a great option to try thanks to their excellent quality.

The gummies are also vegan-friendly, organic, and non-GMO. CBDfx also takes a more unorthodox approach when it comes to creating their gummies because they use many of the compounds found in the hemp plant rather than just isolating the oil which means they are classed as a full-spectrum CBD product.

This allows you to benefit from many of the natural ingredients found in the hemp plant and because of how they are created you still won’t have to worry about the THC. So, these CBDfx gummies are an excellent choice. For more CBD gummies reviews click here.

Joy Organics Gummies

CBD gummies have quickly proven to be one of the most popular types of CBD products. They offer a greater variety when it comes to flavors and while they aren’t normally as potent as other CBD products they still allow people to get the benefits of CBD.

They are very user-friendly and accessible as well which makes them ideal for people new to CBD and these Joy Organics Gummies offer some great benefits. They only have two flavors available at the moment green apple and strawberry lemonade, but each gummy offers an impressive 10mg of CBD!

The gummies are also completely free of THC while also being full-spectrum as well. Because they are once again a full-spectrum hemp-derived product they feature more beneficial compounds and cannabinoids.

Yes, CBD will still be the main cannabinoid, but you’ll find much more on offer alongside it. You can also check the lab reports about their gummies directly from their website and get a detailed analysis of what ingredients are used.

So, Joy organics offer everything you need if you are looking for an effective, high-quality and flavourful CBD gummy. You also get 30 gummies per jar so they will last you a long time as long as you don’t eat too many!

Nature’s Script Gummies

nature script gummies

Nature’s Script gummies are a little different from the ones we’ve looked at already. While they are still a tasty snack they have been designed to but a greater emphasis on CBDs anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

While many of the proclaimed benefits of CBD do require more evidence and support to really prove them there is already strong evidence supporting its anti-inflammatory properties. Which is why CBD is commonly used by people to treat inflammation after exercising.

These Nature’s Script gummies have been further boosted with additional ingredients like turmeric and even white willow bark which are both believed to help aid inflammation recovery. So, with these gummies, you are getting a lot of potential power to help treat inflammation and provide general pain relief.

Their gummies are available in 15, 30 or 60 gummy bottles but you can also get small packs of 5 if you want to sample them first. They are one of the more expensive options available, but they offer high levels of potency so if you are looking for a powerful CBD gummy they make a great choice.

Are Gummies Right For Me? 

So, that concludes our look at three of the best CBD gummies currently available, but should you try them? Gummies are one of the most user-friendly forms of CBD available but there is also enough variant to keep CBD “veterans” happy as well.

While gummies are in general one of the weaker delivery methods of CBD you can find more potent options available as well. So, whether you are new to CBD or have already sampled other options these gummies are certainly worth checking out.   


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