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6 Simple, Yet Effective Ways to Reduce the Cost of Photocopiers

Irrespective of your industry, printing, and photocopying are among the major business expenses, and the processes are crucial to making sure that you can continue working. Whether you are creating professional marketing materials, proofreading work, or printing contracts and schedules, it is likely that you would like to reduce the expenditures. As businesses expand, these expenditures only increase, so coming up with capital saving ideas can help you grow your business without considerably increasing printing and photocopying costs.

One of the first things to look into when exploring ways to reduce how much a photocopying machine can cost a business is to find out the functionality of the copier being presently used. The latest copiers often combine faxing, printing, Internet connection, and scanning. If utilized correctly these multifunctional devices can save on the volume of prints and copies that are produced and often cost less compared to running several devices separately. Once the potentials of modern copiers have been noted it’ll be much easier to work out which steps to cut down photocopying costs can be followed.

Are you aware that the average worker costs a business approximately £1,000 annually in printing costs? That is not considering the cost of maintaining, operating and owning that office equipment in-house either.

These outlays can quickly tally up, and you can find yourself maxing out your budget beyond what you had planned for. Fortunately, you can stop that from happening by taking the right steps to reduce your printing and copying costs.

1.      Duplex Printing

Not only can duplexing reduce your printing expenses, but it can also be considered necessary for the recipient because they have less paper to manage. The medical industry could hugely benefit from this since it utilizes a large number of printed materials to manage patient info.

Concrete evidence indicates that businesses could cut their yearly paper expenses by up to thirty percent by utilizing the duplexing option. While it does not have to be the only way you print and copy, it could save you in the long haul by taking advantage of this technique.

2.      Control the Use of Color

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Documents look much better by using color, so why not print everything in color? Well, the answer is simple – it costs a lot more than printing in black and white! Taking steps to ensure your employees use color sensibly is an excellent way to help cut your printing expenses.

There are many approaches to this; start with employee training to make sure they understand the cost implication of printing in color. You could even use a Multi-functional device, which has the ability for the administrator to enable functions like the color on the machine.

In a nutshell, regulating color printing is essential to reducing your overall printing costs.

3.      Preview Your Print

Use print preview to search for typographical errors and layout issues. Just take a few seconds to make sure that what you see in the preview is what you want to see on paper. If the image is too large to print, you can reduce the image to 80% or 90% until the image fits on the page.

4.      Print Only What You Need

With scrolling pages being so widespread on the web nowadays, it’s easy to print a lot of irrelevant content, when what you need is not a lot. When printing a document online, make sure you specify only the pages you want to print.

5.      Save to the Cloud

Not only can embracing digital storage provide a huge cost-benefit to your business, but can also boost staff productivity. And the good news is that today’s advanced copiers provide many ways to connect with other systems and apps.

Before going to your copier to scan and print a document, consider whether or not you really need a hard copy first. At times the best solution is to store the document in a cloud-based solution for a later time when you might need to access it.

6.      Put Your Copier to Sleep

As most electronic appliances still consume energy when they are running. Stop this by setting your device to standby mode when not in use and when you’re away. Read through your device’s manual and see how you can enable the sleep mode. Smart copiers have better standby modes, automatically going into a deep sleep when they are not in use.


There are numerous options available that can help cut the cost of copiers, but these will only be effective if everybody in the workplace is educated about how to use these devices correctly. If all employees are knowledgeable about how to use copiers in the most cost-effective way, then the total expenditure could be significantly reduced. Businesses could also update their copiers so that they include all the necessary functions to help cut their running costs.

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